Toms Creek Bridge – Queenstown

Moore Construction recently completed Toms Creek Bridge, a single lane HN-HO-72 bridge spanning over Toms Creek that provides access to the newly developed Luxury Gibbston Valley Resort. The bridge deck units are a design and build item for Moore Construction and Hi Stress Concrete and showcase the breadth of Moore Constructions capabilities and vertical integration between our companies allowing full control across the project lifecycle.
The bridge has a 12m span and comprises three 725mm deep and 2000mm wide Pre-Stressed Double T bridge beams. Each beam weighs over 15T and has 360T of Pre-Stressing providing the bridge the strength to carry heavy construction vehicles. The beams seat on a cast in-situ concrete abutment that is supported by three 600mm diameter bored piles.
The beams were placed on site by Moore Construction utilising their 80T Kobelco Crawler Crane and were joined with grouted shear keys to form a 6m wide bridge deck. In-situ concrete kerbing was boxed and poured, and the bridges concrete running course placed with a concrete boom pump with detailing to allow for differential shrinkage of the individual in-situ concrete elements. The smooth instillation was a result of careful planning where much of the work was done off site with cast in TIM’s allowing prefabricated kerb boxing to be placed immediately after the deck units were landed.