Lamb and Hayward – Christchurch

The project was a large-scale piling project for a new development by Lamb and Hayward. Piling consisted of 168 driven 150mm x 150mm pre-stressed concrete piles and 200mm x 200mm pre-stressed concrete piles. Pile lengths were confirmed on site once test piling was completed and before fabrication of piles commenced. Pile lengths ranged from 8m to 15m long and all piles were transported, pitched and driven in one length. This project involved piling through a historic land fill that created problems with underground obstacles. Challenges were overcome by predrill and varying piling installation methods, vibrating and hammering in piles.
The project was carried out alongside a working funeral home, this was achievable by Moore Construction’s collaborative approach and scheduling time for funerals with breaks in piling. This required a clear program for pile delivery’s, allotted time to pile and to cut and mark out pile locations, and constant, clear communication of progress to the client.
All piles were supplied by Hi-Stress Concrete, Christchurch.