Hurunui Bridge Piling – Hurunui

A Piling project for 3 bridges in the Hurunui District. A42 Cloudy range, A30 Lyndon #2 Bridge and A33 River Road. 

Piling consisted of driven 310UC158, Cloudy range 8 piles 12m with welded gussets along with top and bottom plates. A30 Lynden 8 piles 12m with welded top and bottom plates, for this bridge the piles did not reach the desired set at target depth and where spliced on site with a fined depth of 19m. A33 River Road was priced and awarded in a second package, this was piling for an abutment 4 piles 310UC x 14m long with the same detail as in Cloudy range and Lynden. 

In total Moore Construction achieved the outcomes in line with the program supplied by Higgins, we had 3 establishments driving a total of 20 310UC158 piles ranging in length from 12m to 19m. Problems encountered on site with the ground conditions were randomly occurring boulders, causing verticality issues this was resolved with gear on site and experience from Moore Constructions staff. 

All works where completed with Moore Constructions plant and equipment resources, Fletcher Easy Steel were the steel suppliers.