ASB ED Retaining Wall – Christchurch Hospital

Moore Construction was contracted to DCL to complete earthworks, dewatering, piling and no fines concrete works for this project.

Temporary works design, install of 9m sheet piles with wailers. Excavation of 1200m3 and cart to dump clean fill. This had to be staged due to the depth and close proximity to current structure. Dewatering of excavation with 2 x 6” diesel pumps running 24/7
All pumping equipment, is owned, maintained by Moore Construction without reliance to outsource any plant. Backfill and forming compacted in layers AP65 base, for precast retaining panels. The initial layers of base were constructed below the water table.
Pre-cast concrete panels were placed by DCL. Backfill behind retaining wall panels was 500m3 + of no-fines concrete. Formwork for no fines was Canzac fast-form brackets, significantly improving project timeline.